"To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved"

George MacDonald

Google Optimisation & Trust Rank

  • Many SEO methodologies are doomed to failure from the outset as they forget to target the site's prospective Trust Rank value & algorithmic positioning. Traditional SEO 'specialists' traditionally focus on back links, keywords, niche language & even coding semantics. Sure these are critical to any successful optimisation campaign however even a highly optimised site will fail to rank above those sites that merit a greater Trust Rank value when assessed by Google's ranking algorithm.
  • The Trust Rank algorithm considers several significant aspects of a site's constitution & here we provide you with a summary of which elements really matter to Google when deciding where any given site should be positioned within it's search engine results.
  • 1. Authority: The site must be relevant to visitors. After all this is the very lifeblood of Google & what it's inventors intended it to do!
    Provide content that is absolutely relevant to the keywords entered within the search field. Whilst this may seem very obvious & possibly even patronizing to the converted this is, in our experience, responsible for approximately 40% of the negative or low site valuations that we encounter. Sites deemed by Google to be authoritative within any given arena are gifted with lashings of Google love & positive Trust Rank as they are considered an authoritative source with absolute relevance to the user based on their particular query.
    Rich, informative & legitimate content always wins the day whereas spam, link bait & keyword stuffing are sure fire techniques that will attract negative Trust Rank, repel visitors & lower your search engine position!
  • 2. Reputation: The Trust Rank algorithm rewards reputation with positivity therefore this is one of the most influential factors on a site's ultimate Trust Rank value. Interestingly this is arguably the most difficult if not impossible Trust Rank success factor to falsify or manipulate hence Google relying on it so heavily.
    Google understands the importance of pairing highly regarded & trusted digital assets with elevated positional rankings & visibility.
    In a nutshell Trusted=Trust & Trust=Trusted.
  • 3. Trust: The clue is in the algorithm's title & whilst we touched on trust when discussing reputation, the SEO community, publishers & content providers must be aware of the subtleties & nuances of trust as perceived by Google's Trust Rank. The algorithm considers which assets trust the site under consideration & then makes a decision as to their perceived trust. To make this happen it analyses the only currency that it truly trusts- Trust Rank.
    It therefore goes without saying that a high valued asset linking to your site is going to enhance the actual Trust Rank value of your site as surely an asset with a high Trust Rank would not associate itself with a low trust asset. We can therefore be fairly certain that the more of these trusted assets that associate with (usually via traditional back links) your content, the greater the Trust Rank value assigned to it will become.

How do I optimise for Google

  • The mechanics of Trust Rank are much more detailed than a summary upon one page can justify however TrustRank.org spends much of it's time enhancing the rankings of commercial sites from a diverse array of regions & sectors. Our team which is comprised entirely of computer scientists have dedicated years studying the positive impact that well researched & implemented Trust Rank optimisation campaigns have on visibility & organic rankings.
  • Our advice has always revolved around compliance with the key success factors summarised earlier. Firstly ensure that your SEO team are conversant with Trust Rank optimisation & it's principles (if in doubt simply ask them to explain their approach to you). Secondly adhere always to the fundamentals of the Google search ethos, namely trusted, authoritative & relevant content over spam & underhand, unethical and/or dishonesty every time.
    If you would like our team to consider optimising your site or asset, please complete our contact form & we will come back to you. Please be aware that adult, gambling or sites featuring inappropriate content are ineligible for optimisation via TrustRank.org.